Managed Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Our team will advertise your small business listing via paid Facebook campaigns. If you’ve ever tried your hand at the Facebook Ads Manager platform, you’ve likely found out the hard way that it is very important to know what you’re doing in there. The ‘Boost’ button (commonly used by inexperienced social media managers) utilizes Facebook’s automatic bidding system and WILL make you pay top dollar. Paying top dollar is certainly not the way to get a return on your investment in the media buying industry… When we run a campaign through our Facebook page (and share the post to the largest Long Island Facebook group there is) the massive local audience actually drastically drives down the price, netting you more engagement per dollar spent.


Let our experienced social media gurus meticulously manage your bidding manually, ensuring your campaign has the best possible chance at sustainable success! We will literally take care of everything for you!

Our fee is 25% of the advertising budget. So if you started out with a budget of $1,000.00 for managed Facebook Ads, our fee is $250.00 ($1,250.00 total). If interested, or have any questions at all please email us or fill out our contact form with the best time to reach you.

Ask us to waive our fee on your first order! That’s right, you’ll get FREE managed Facebook Ads for any initial budget…

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